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March 15th, 2009

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06:31 pm - me blogging? never!
So, I've got three new blogs up and around.

The first, The Bell Feminist Bi-Monthly is not actually my writing. It is, instead, the online branch of the IUB FMLA's newsletter. My only content on it so far is the pathfinding posts. I'm potentially interested in running a similar blog in the not too distant future that isn't tied into an outside organization.

The second .roiretni eht ot doar worran eht morf snoitcelfer is another mirror of Reflections From the Narrow Road to the Interior. Same content, slightly different interface.

The third is my roninlabs.org blog which has not, at this time, been particularly active. I'm working on it.

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me blogging? never! - Reflections from the narrow road to the interior.

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