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February 10th, 2009

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11:02 pm
I'm writing this during the Ladyquakes' set. That way I can stay for it and still have time to write my event post.
The first band is a group of students from the Jacobs School of Music. They are incredible and I want to be able to hire them to play my living room on alternating thursdays. Initially there was too much distortion on one of the lines, but the sound guy got that fixed up and they were great.

The crowd has a preponderance of short and zaftig women. I am definitely not complaining. (I'm not specifically into short, but pretty much anything and zaftig works for me.) That and rollergirls. The Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls are taking part in most of the V-Week events. Athletic and active builds and not stupid skinny. *grins* Now the fact that these women are probably a decade younger than yt gives me pause, I'm not writing a heinlein novel after all, but they are still hawsome. And activisty. Activisty is even better than zaftieg. And hum, way off point now. Oh well. I bet we'll revisit this ground later. As digressions go, this one is fecund.

First band is The PaPanias.
This group is further evidence that every band needs a violin or three in its makeup. And maybe a couple of music majors. Very very cool.
The rollergirls are going about with the donation baskets. They really should have seeded them with a handful of bills each.

Also, who goes somewhere to dance in heels? Girls are weird. And masochistic. The marginal improvement in calf definition you get from heels isn't worth it ladies.

The Next Band is The Brownouts. A guitar, a bass, 2 sax, a trombone, a keyboard, a drummer, and a vocalist. Funktastic in the musicness. They are good and, suprisingly, not too loud, that said, I'm definately too old. Not counting the old guy and the owner of the place, I've probably got four years on anyone on the dance floor, and the average is much much younger. That said, these guys give me a renewed faith in the musical taste of the damned kids these days. On the other hand, I would like to have a heart to heart with them about their continued proximity to my yard...

The Emcee, whose name I failed to catch is hot and moves like a geek. Oops, apparently taken and possibly gay too. Oh well. Still the hotness even if not even potentially for me. Oh hey, she plays for the LadyQuakes, Internet powers activate... survey says Anna Saraceno.

Turnout isn't spectacular. I wish that I had a broader social network around these parts (or a job that would let me simulate one by buying a large number of tickets.)

Oh sweet, the rollergirls are doing that snake thing. The potential for the awesome demonstration of the conservation of rotational momentum is way high. (Think the whip game with roller skates. If you never played the whip game, get a half dozen of your friends, line up and hold hands. Then one end starts running in small circles. If you do it right, you can chuck the last person in line a goodly distance when they finally can't hold on anymore. Rollerskates make that much much better.

The Lady quakes are as awesome as always. "I wanna lick a vulva lollypop is their warmup song." I'm now caught up to real time in the show and they are awesome. They did start after 11pm so the already smaller than optimal (it is a tuesday night, so I hope expectations were low to begin with) crowd is sparse.

I want to be able to hire them to play my LR on the Thursday nights not claimed by the Papanias.

Oh, the vulva lollypops? They were chocolate instead of hard candy. I really wanted a candy cherry lollypop when it was announced that there were lollypops. So instead. A VDay patch. All in all, it went relatively well for the middle of a recession, a show that ends lateish on a tuesday with rain forcast for the weather. V-week has been disapointing for the people putting it on this year, but they are doing everything right. Sometimes stocastic events happen. :/

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I'm writing this during the Ladyquakes' set. That way I can stay for… - Reflections from the narrow road to the interior.

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